Easy to use online paywall remover for all major news and blogging websites

Remove Paywall is a Chrome extension that removes paywalls from major news and blogging websites, and also includes access to internet archives such as Wayback Machine, Archive.today and Google WebCache all in one tool. Works on Bloomberg and hundreds more.

Instructions for how to install and use the Chrome Extension

Never pay for articles again

No need to deal with annoying paywalls or login pages

No Paywalls

Automatically remove paywalls or login pages so you can read any article you want.


View archived versions of the webpage. This can be used if the paywall is still there.

Clear Cookies

Easily clear cookies from your browser. This can prevent websites from tracking your browser.

Works on all major news websites

Save your time and money!

Remove Paywall work on these websites and dozens more.

  • ABC News ($221/year)
  • HBR ($120/year)
  • Bloomberg ($299/year)
  • Business Insider ($49/year)
  • Forbes ($50/year)
  • Vogue Business ($230/year)
  • Time Magazine ($48/year)
  • USA Today ($60/year)
  • The Atlantic ($70/year)
  • American Banker ($72/year)
  • The Japan Times ($199/year)
  • The Wall Street Journal ($52/year)
  • CNBC ($300/year)
  • Financial Post ($190/year)
  • Wired ($30/year)
  • Seeking Alpha ($119/year)
  • iPolitics ($198/year)
  • Discover ($96/year)
  • Los Angeles Times ($125/year)
  • Medium ($50/year)
  • ESPN USA ($100/year)
  • Asia Times ($50/year)
  • Fortune ($96/year)
  • Financial Times ($375/year)
  • Quora ($48/year)
  • The New Yorker ($50/year)
  • MarketWatch ($52/year)

Total cost of all subscriptions: $3349 per year

Total cost of Remove Paywall: $80